Defining robust governance and strong leadership for the organisations we support.

Governance is the process by which a governing body ensures that an organisation is effectively and properly run. It’s not necessarily about doing; it is about ensuring things are done. 

The people responsible for governance are the voting members of your governing body – whether they’re known as trustees, directors, management committee members or any other title.  They are responsible for setting and safeguarding the aims and objectives of an organisation, whether it is a small community group, registered charity or social enterprise, so they need to be aware and up-to-date on what their roles, responsibilities and legal duties are.

An effective, sustainable organisation requires robust governance and strong leadership – both governing body and senior management need proper support and structure to enable them to make the right decisions for the organisation and the beneficiaries of the services you provide. Red Zebra offers one-to-one support and training to help you sustain good governance and leadership in your organisation.

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