Involving medway

A community engagement partnership to build healthier communities across Medway.

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Involving Medway is an initiative designed to encourage people to get involved with and help make decisions about health provision in the area. The project is funded by Medway Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), which is responsible for planning and buying local NHS services.

The project partners include: 

  • Red Zebraa community infrastructure organisation leading Involving Medway

  • Tempo – Who manage Medway Time Credits, an innovative way to reward social action and volunteering

  • Kent Community Foundation – Administering small grants to fund activities to build stronger communities

  • Medway Voluntary Action – Supporting voluntary and community organisations to work more closely with decision makers in health and involve residents in the design and delivery of services

  • Tess Luetchford – Training volunteer community health researchers to gather views and make sure residents have their voices heard.

  • New Economics Foundation – Bringing national expertise to creating social change

“Medway has a vibrant and dynamic network of local community groups and Involving Medway will enable us to reach out through them to more local residents. Involving Medway is about trying something different in order to support and sustain a healthier local community, which we believe will help take some of the pressure off our primary and acute health services in the area.”

Caroline Selkirk, Accountable Officer, Medway Clinical Commissioning Group

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SMall Grants Video

At the beginning of 2018 we commissioned a series of videos to highlight the impact that the Involving Medway small grants have had on local communities