Helping to attract more support for organisations across the Canterbury district.

If your organisation operates in the Canterbury district and relies on or would benefit from volunteer involvement, there is a wide range of services we can offer you.

Whether you’re a volunteer manager, trustee, or simply a member of a voluntary group, we could help you by:

  • Listing your volunteer opportunities on our online database and promoting them through our face to face brokerage service

  • Helping you develop attractive and appropriate role descriptions

  • Supporting you to develop a recruitment strategy

  • Providing information on best practice when working with volunteers in areas such as DBS checks, recruitment processes, risk assessment and insurance

  • Linking you to other Red Zebra services, such as training for volunteer involving organisations and networking opportunities

Volunteer Connect

Used by Volunteer Centres across the country, Volunteer Connect is our volunteer-matching platform, developed in collaboration with Volunteer Centres to effectively promote local volunteering opportunities, and manage volunteer records, as well as organisations' volunteer roles.

Why involve volunteers?

Organisations who involve volunteers in their work gain more than extra hands on deck. Whilst having more help from people who don’t expect payment is of course a great thing for many charities who may have tight staff budgets, the benefits of volunteering go far beyond saving money. 

Volunteers bring:

  • Their own motivation and passion for what they do

  • Experiences which your paid staff may not have, especially if they have been service users, or experienced something which your organisation is interested in

  • Knowledge and links within the local community – they will be telling their friends and family about the volunteering they do, and spread awareness of an organisation’s work through word of mouth

  • Skills which your workforce may not have – a retired person may have valuable experience from their career, whilst a young person may bring IT or academic specialities

For more information or if you’d like to talk through the types of volunteer your organisation is looking to work with and how to make your volunteer opportunities benefit everyone, telephone us on 01227 262313 or email our Volunteering Team via the button below.